Learnings from early adoption of BW7.4 with BOBJ 4.x


Working with the latest BW7.4 on HANA comes with its challenges. Thinking progressively and adopting the new data source types of Composite Providers, Advanced DSO and Open ODS Views is the way to go. However, you would think that SAP would update their code base to allow their BI Suite to connect to those objects. Wouldn’t you want the likes of Webi and Lumira to take full advantage of those sources in an enterprise environment? Currently, IDT doesn’t recognize those types so creating Universes on Composite providers isn’t possible.

Well, I’ve done some digging and found the specific block of code within SAP BW 7.4, which is used by SAP Business Objects.

This code calls the standard BW query execution functions which support all object types – implying that SAP Business Objects could also use the new BW on HANA objects if it knew about them.

The existing code used by SAP Business Objects simply had a list of reporting object types to use – and this list had not been updated to include the new BW 7.4 on HANA objects. By enhancing this list, the new objects became visible to Business Objects and usable just like the existing BW objects. This then allows IDT to view the new BW7.4 objects and create relational connections, meaning we can leverage Lumira for BI, Webi and the entire suite across the enterprise.

Sandra Cutic